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When we first began corresponding with Khalid Awan in 2007, we had no idea why he was serving time in U.S federal prison.We soon discovered Awan was one of the first of thousands of Muslims taken prisoner in the post-9/11 U.S “terror War”.  As the story began unfolding in our letters, we began to realize that this honest, humble and sincere man was not only innocent, but the ongoing injustice being done to him provides critical insight into the mindless, mean-spirited, bureaucratic-yes-men idiocy fueling the illegal U.S. “War on Terror” (and just about everything else that is going wrong in this country). At our insistence, Awan wrote his story and supplied us with whatever documents we requested.  And now, after three months of cooperative efforts, the story of Khalid Awan can be told. We have come to know Awan as a peaceful man engaged in peaceful work, who has been wrongfully accused, detained and repeatedly convicted of crimes he did not commit because he was a Muslim with international connections and an office in New York on 9/11. Anyone who might of the Muslim belief, especially a person raised overseas who has difficulty understanding our language and our corrupt judicial system, can be arrested and detained indefinitely in this country, certainly without a trial before a jury of his peers. Khalid is one of these Muslims.

We present this to you in faith that you will realize a deeper understanding of the levels of complicity necessary for the “land of free” to tolerate the phony war on terror year after year and in hope that Awan — and all the other million or more political prisoners being held by this country—will one day be reunited with their families.

(Thanks from the bottom of my heart to you, Mr. Don Harkin and Ms. Anne W. Chaimberlain for your devoted, caring attention in helping me expose my plight and injustices being suffered by myself and others. Your humanitarian devotion, on-going help and attitude truly an inspiration to me in my life!)

Khalid Qayyum Awan (From USA Federal Prison)


Khalid Awan # 50959-054
USP Marion
P.O.BOX : 1000 Khalid awan
Marion, IL 62959
http://www.freekhalidawan.com/, http://awankhalid.com/, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Khalid-Awan/58128959526


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To help innocents muslims in usa,canada.
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